Declaration of Contamination

For safety reasons Declaration of Contamination (DoC) are in use to protect customer and INFICON employees.

There are different cases where we need a DoC and also some exceptions - please see below for the country specific requirements.

In general, please send a filled out and signed DoC via mail before sending in the product if it can be exposed to critical substances or if you are requested to by our service departments.

Country as well as product and application specific reasons lead us to the requirement of a DoC (Declaration of Contamination), in cases where products shall be returned to an INFICON Service Center.

Please fill out, sign and send the DoC via mail before sending in a product.


  • In some locations we (can) take care of the decontamination for you, so we do not need a DoC.
  • Some products do not need a DoC - please contact our service teams to learn if this applies to your service case.
  • Customers also have the option to sign a Yearly DoCs, in case the customers' application does not content any harmful substances.

IFCN.SW S. de R.L.

Please contact our Service Office


INFICON Company Limited

  • We always send all products to decontamination first - therefore no DoC is required. 
USA / Canada

INFICON Inc. (Syracuse)

Please fill out our RMA request form (which includes the DoC): 

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