Declaration of Contamination

For safety reasons Declaration of Contamination (DoC) are in use to protect customer and INFICON employees.

There are different cases where we need a DoC and also some exceptions - please see below for the country specific requirements.

In general, please send a filled out and signed DoC via mail before sending in the product if it can be exposed to critical substances or if you are requested to by our service departments.


  • In some locations we (can) take care of the decontamination for you, so we do not need a DoC.
  • Some products do not need a DoC - please contact our service teams to learn if this applies to your service case.
  • Yearly DoCs have been signed with our service location.

IFCN.SW S. de R.L.

Please contact our Service Office


INFICON Company Limited

  • We always send all products to decontamination first - therefore no DoC is required. 
USA / Canada

INFICON Inc. (Syracuse)

Please fill out our RMA request form (which includes the DoC):