Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector

The Most Common Alternative 
to Soap Spray and Helium Leak Detection

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From production to repair lines, from small to big leaks, the Sensistor Sentrac hydrogen leak detector is the perfect alternative for finding them fast.

The perfect alternative to soap spray and water bath

A leak can be so small that soapy water would hardly find it, or unexpectedly large to blow the soap away. The problem is that you never know it in advance. With the Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector you can locate and quantify a wide range of leaks – faster and more accurately.


Thanks to visually clear leak alerts, you avoid uncertainties and incorrect leak interpretations, thus reducing unnecessary cost for recalls and customer complains. Unlike water bath, Sentrac offers a dry and clean solution, eliminating hazards and risks along with the time for cleanup and drying.

The unit locates leaks even in hard-to-see-places and regardless of the test object shape and temperature – the perfect complement to pressure decay test too.

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The most common alternative to helium leak detection

Increasing helium prices and limited availability can be critical for many manufacturers and cause delay in industrial production. By replacing helium with hydrogen, you can secure your production quality and lower your cost per test. The Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector uses inexpensive forming gas (5% hydrogen in nitrogen) and is available for quick delivery!


Known for its high sensitivity, Sentrac finds all leaks – big and small – and finds them fast. Thanks to its sensing capabilities, the unit compensates for gas backgrounds incredibly well, so you do not need to wait until your test area is free from previously leaked test gas. Leak detection made easier.

The unit locates leaks without influencing the helium background – the perfect tool to locate leaks after vacuum leak test with helium.

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Advantages of switching to Sentrac
  • faster leak detection
  • highly reliable test results, no undetected leaks
  • clear visual leak indications, no guess-work
  • safe and dry, no messy fluids
Advantages of switching to Sentrac
  • maximum cost effectiveness
  • fast delivery times
  • easy leak detection
  • superb gas background compensation

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