New Pumping Packages Extend Sampling Range

The new INFICON IPC400 pumping packages extend the sampling range of the Transpector? Gas Analysis System. These dry pumping packages are small, lightweight and portable. Combined with any standard open ion source Transpector, they can sample processes from two atmospheres to high vacuum.

The IPC400 Pumping Systems are used for various semiconductor and industrial applications. Combined with the reliable Compact FC or FC/EM Transpector 2 provides the smallest package. Yet, the IPC400 can be matched with any High Performance Transpector 2 to cover a mass range up to 300 AMU. By simply choosing the appropriate RGA for the user?s budget or application needs, INFICON offers a powerful sampling system designed for monitoring contaminates down to the 100 ppm level.

The IPC400 comes with various inlets for most high pressure applications. It also includes an integrated compound pump, 24V (dc) diaphragm pump, an IPC400 controller and a new line of cleanroom compatible heaters.
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