July 23 2008 Disclosure of Equity Participation Pursuant to the Swiss Stock Exchange Act

Zurich, Switzerland / Syracuse, New York - July 23, 2008: INFICON Holding AG (SWX Swiss Exchange: IFCN), a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and process control software for the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries and other industrial applications, today announced, that Pictet Funds SA, Route des Acacias 60, 1211 Genève (Contact: David Martin, +41 58 323 1549) disclosed on July 21, 2008, that it held via Pictet (CH) Swiss Mid Small Cap (1.32%); Pictet (CH) SwissEquities (0.72%); Ethos Eq CH Mid Small (0.67%); Pictet Ethos (CH) - Swiss Sustainable Equities (0.15%); Pictet (CH) Swiss Market Tracker (0.09%); Ethos Eq CH Indexed Corporate Governance (0.07%); Pictet Institutional Swiss Equities Tracker (0.05%); Pictet Funds (CH) Pool Swiss Equities (0.01%); Subvenimus Swiss Equities (0.01%) a total of 73,441 registered shares of INFICON Holding AG at CHF 5 par value each since a purchase on July 17, 2008. This represents 3.09% of the voting rights in INFICON Holding AG.
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