INFICON Completes Share Repurchase Program

INFICON Holds 10% of Its Own Stock


Zurich/Switzerland and Syracuse/New York— December 13, 2007 —INFICON Holding AG (SWX Swiss Exchange: IFCN), a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and process control software for the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries and other industrial applications, today announced that it has completed its share repurchase program per December 13, 2007. The program was initiated on May 3, 2007, with the aim of cancelling the repurchased shares.


Under the program, INFICON Holding AG repurchased 235'587 shares at an average price of CHF 199.89 via a special second trading line on the SWX Swiss Exchange. This equates 10.0% of the registered share capital prior to the program's inception. INFICON Holding AG, Hintergasse 15b, (contact person: Peter Maier), 7310 Bad Ragaz, thus holds 10.0% of the voting rights in the company pursuant to Article 20 of the Swiss Stock Exchange Act as at December 13, 2007. The Board of Directors intends to propose the cancellation of all repurchased shares and corresponding capital reduction at the ordinary Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 24, 2008.


INFICON is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and advanced process control software for the semiconductor and vacuum-coating industries and other industrial applications. These analysis, measurement and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media and precision optics. INFICON also provides essential instrumentation for gas leak detection to the air conditioning/refrigeration industries and toxic chemical analysis for the emergency response and security markets. INFICON has world-class manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe and worldwide offices in the U.S., China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. INFICON is a publicly listed company, registered with the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX). For more information about INFICON and its products, please visit


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