INFICON Announces Enhanced Support for FDC With Release of FabGuard 8.0

New capabilities for communication and infrastructure support, equipment and process control techniques

Syracuse, NY - November 18, 2008: INFICON today announced the release of FabGuard 8.0 Advanced Process Control, Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) System, the latest in the FabGuard® suite of products supporting sensor and tool integration for stand-alone applications and enterprise-wide installations. FabGuard delivers unparalleled power and ease-of-use for full-featured data acquisition and analysis with extensive enterprise management capabilities to better support unique customer infrastructures. The new features in FabGuard 8.0 include added communication and infrastructure support, interface modifications, and additional equipment and process control techniques.

FabGuard 8.0 supports partitioned Oracle databases over 25 Terabytes. Communication protocols, such as OPC, and new sensor drivers have been added to the new version to increase the number of potential data sources available to engineers.

Additionally, user interface modifications in FabGuard 8.0 increase compatibility with third-party computers, widening the hardware specifications and potentially decreasing the cost required for FabGuard operation giving more flexibility in features, function, and value.

The new version of FabGuard also allows process engineers to perform both Advanced Equipment Control and Advanced Process Control to increase their ability to detect excursions in the factory. FabGuard 8.0 provides expanded Advanced Equipment Control techniques by creating and collecting Equipment Performance Indicators™ (EPIs) to monitor non-process specific information. EPIs include wafer transfer durations, calibration offsets and robot states, and inter-tool and full-factory substrate tracking.

For more information on FabGuard 8.0 and the entire suite of products, visit, or contact INFICON, Two Technology Place, East Syracuse, NY 13057-9714, +1.315.434.1100, email:,

INFICON is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and advanced process control software for the semiconductor, vacuum coating, and general vacuum process industries. These analysis, measurement and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media and precision optics. INFICON also provides essential instrumentation for gas leak detection to the air conditioning/refrigeration industries and toxic chemical analysis for the emergency response and security markets. INFICON has world-class manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and China and worldwide offices in the U.S., China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. INFICON is a publicly listed company, registered with the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX).

INFICON Announces Enhanced Support for FDC With Release of FabGuard 8.0
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