Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A Story of Innovation and Opportunity

 A German Engineer's Experience in Sweden

In today's globalized world, it is not uncommon for professionals to work with colleagues from different parts of the world. Collaborating with colleagues from different cultures can be an enriching experience, providing an opportunity to learn about new perspectives, ideas, and ways of working. 

Frederik Krupp, a mechanical engineer at INFICON in Cologne, Germany, saw such an opportunity and decided to move to Sweden for a year to collaborate with his colleagues there.

Company_Career_Frederik Krupp in Sweden (5)
Company_Career_Frederik Krupp in Sweden (5)

One of our core values is to encourage employees to collaborate across sites. Frederik heard about this policy and was immediately interested in exploring the possibility of working in a different country and culture. Frederik's interest in travel and new opportunities made the decision to move to Sweden an easy one. He expressed his desire to his boss, and soon enough, he was on his way to the Swedish site to work on a project called the IRwin® Mark 2. This feasibility study aimed to prepare for a new instrument platform that could detect both methane and hydrogen, as well as combinations thereof.

Frederik's expertise in plastic design for leak detection tools made him an ideal fit for the project team. He works closely with the R&D team to design a new housing and platform for the instruments. The collaboration between the Swedish and German teams will result in the IRwin Methane Leak Detector of tomorrow, a cutting-edge instrument for both methane and hydrogen.

The biggest benefit of this experience is working with ex-certified products and developing knowledge in intrinsic safety. And of course meeting new colleagues. Having lunch together every day and playing floorball make relations with colleagues even tighter.
Frederik Krupp
Mechanical Engineer
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