UL6000 Fab PLUS makes leak testing production even faster

Every second counts in the semiconductor industry and large-volume production lines. The new UL6000 Fab PLUS reduces downtimes and gives faster leak test results. 

Every second counts in large-volume production lines. Time spent on  leak testing and equipment maintenance should be kept to a minimum, as unscheduled equipment downtime is very costly. With the latest UL6000 Fab PLUS helium leak detector for leak testing applications in large-volume production lines, you can benefit from the new I∙RISE function for faster and more precise measurement results – in under 10 seconds, independent of chamber volume.

UL6000 Fab PLUS
UL6000 Fab PLUS

I∙RISE: Extreme time saving for rate-of-rise tests on vacuum chambers

Semiconductor and vacuum equipment is continuously checked by rate-of-rise tests during operations. If a leak is detected during this integral leakage test, it is often not easy to determine which of the many connections, feedthroughs, welds and valves are causing the leak. For leak detection, the UL6000 Fab PLUS is connected to the chamber and a helium spray test is performed to locate the potential leaks. If helium penetrates the equipment’s vacuum at a spraying position, it is definite that a leak has been found. In order to determine, however, whether this connection is the only leak or whether there are others, a further rate-of-rise test must be carried out as soon as the leak has been fixed. The new UL6000 Fab PLUS saves a great deal of time, as it is able to perform the helium spray method and the rate-of-rise test one immediately after the other. In addition, thanks to the new I∙RISE function, the connected leak detector transfers the pressure increase of the large production chamber volume into its small internal volume – which speeds up the integral test tremendously. The duration of a rate-of-rise test is dependent on the size of the vacuum chamber being tested. The intelligent I∙RISE function accomplishes this integral test in just 10 seconds ensuring extreme time savings, especially in the case of large production equipment volumes.

Besides I∙RISE, the use of extremely efficient pumps is also a reason why the UL6000 Fab series of leak detectors often pay for themselves after a few uses: thanks to the record speed of testing, they reduce production interruptions and downtime, for example during the scheduled maintenance of a tool, to the absolute minimum.

The UL6000 Fab PLUS has been developed for use in the semiconductor, solar cell and flat panel display manufacturing, for glass and plastic foil coating and vacuum systems.

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