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Leak Testing of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

This free e-book covers more than 40 pages and is designed as a manufacturer-neutral guide for those responsible for refrigeration / air conditioning. It covers all aspects of leak testing in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating sectors and specifically meets the information requirements of the industry. The e-book would like to remove the many potential pitfalls and help readers to select the best test method and system for their specific application.

The first part of the guide describes the basics of the leak test - for example, which types of leaks and leak rates exist, and which methods (with and without test gas) exist to determine leaks. The second part deals with the very specific application scenarios: the leak test of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems. A top-10 of the most frequent but at the same time preventable errors in the leakage test round off the e-book.

Download Free E-Book

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