Two New High-Sensitivity Leak Detectors for Components Testing and Quality Assurance

Leybold Inficon introduces two sniffer leak detectors addressing the quality awareness and cost reduction demands of the air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing environment.

PROTEC, a helium sniffer leak detector, is optimally tuned for leak-testing refrigeration systems before filling or on components during production. Its measurement sensitivity, response times, and price-to-performance ratio are significantly superior to comparable instruments. Specifically designed to minimize operator error, PROTEC signals a warning if sample gas is not reaching the sensor and an audible tone when helium is found to ensure location of the leak site.

Highly flexible, PROTEC is available with several probes and probe tips to configure the system to your application.

ECOTEC II, a multi-gas sniffer leak detector for quality assurance on production lines, senses all gases including refrigerants, noble gases, and SF6. It can detect the leak rate of up to four gases simultaneously with each gas set to its own pass/fail specification. Leak rates are displayed in plain text in any combination of g/a, oz/yr. mbar l/s or ppm.

Programmed with a library of over 100 commonly used gases, ECOTEC II allows the user to de-fine 40 additional gases, making it ideal for mixed product manufacturing.
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