The FAST Solution for On-site and In-Lab Gas Analysis

INFICON Introduces Micro GC Fusion® 4-Module System  

Syracuse, NY — October 11, 2016: INFICON introduces the Micro GC Fusion 4-Module system to simplify and accelerate gas analysis for on-site and in-lab applications. The new Micro GC Fusion Gas Analyzer provides maximum throughput and easy operation for fast decisions when they matter most. The Micro GC Fusion incorporates module architecture with embedded GC software and temperature programming to optimize flexibility and simplicity. The unique Fusion Auto-Sensing Technology (FAST) simplifies analysis of complex samples, enabling high percentage and low ppm components to be analyzed in the same run using a single GC module. Micro GC Fusion is easy to operate with a license-free web-based user interface that is accessible from any web browser. To minimize sample handling, the integrated sample conditioner provides programmable purging, sample pressure and temperature regulation. The operator can easily control the instrument and view both results and status updates through the integrated graphical display.

Available now in 2-Module and 4-Module configurations, Micro GC Fusion can be tailored for simple and complex on-site gas analysis where speed of operation is critical. Lab technicians can automate and speed up analysis of multiple gas streams through the integration of the Valco stream selector and sample specific methods – no more manually switching sample lines or changing methods to optimize throughput.

Micro GC Fusion’s transportable, lightweight chassis and web-based user interface makes it the instrument of choice to simplify gas analysis.

The FAST Solution for On-site and In-Lab Gas Analysis
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