INFICON Presents Innovations and Product Enhancements at its Technology Day in Balzers/Liechtenstein

Bad Ragaz/Switzerland, November 24, 2021

INFICON Holding AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: IFCN) presents recent innovations and product developments and enhancements at its Technology Day in Balzers/Liechtenstein. These innovations reflect INFICON’s substantial ongoing investments into research and development. Additional information is available on INFICON’s website, following the links below, and in the attached presentation accompanying the Technology Day. The featured novelties include products, applications, and technologies in all of INFICON’s four target markets.

Semi & Vacuum Coating market

·      Transpector APX is the market-leading Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) process monitoring system in the semiconductor industry upgraded for the latest harsh processes such as e.g. ALD, CVD, PVD, and Etch.  

·      In capital-intensive industries such as the manufacturing of semiconductors, employees must find and repair leaks very quickly. INFICON’s newest solution is UL6000 Fab. It is not only the most precise, durable and thus reliable testing system on the market, it also saves time throughout the testing sequence.

·      xParts coatings are highly uniform, particle free, ALD (atomic layer deposition) thin films applied on customer specific three dimensional parts for use in extreme harsh applications such as semiconductor production processes. xParts coatings increase the lifetime of critical components and secures the production tools uptime.

·      Augent TM OPG550 Optical Plasma Vacuum Gauge is a compact and intelligent solution for vacuum monitoring. Augent™ combines two sensor technologies into one compact device for gas type monitoring from 1 × 10-7 to 5 mbar and to measure total pressure from atmosphere down to 1 × 10-7 mbar at the same time. Augent™ is protected by an integrated Pirani sensor to switch off plasma above 20 mbar. In the measurement range between 1 × 10-7 and 5 mbar the gauge allows the detection of gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen or Argon.

·      INFICON ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges (CDG) are designed for demanding, highest accuracy (0.15%) applications in the vacuum industries. The corrosion resistant ultra-pure alumina sensor guarantees superior performance and best long-term span stability, high accuracy and years of maintenance free life-time.

·      SmartFDCTM: Using machine learning technologies, SmartFDC empowers engineers with easy-to-use tools focused on reducing product risk and rapidly resolving production issues. SmartFDC reduces the time to implement a fault detection program, maximizes excursion detection capabilities, and provides powerful analytical tools to engineers of all skill levels.

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Automotive market

·      With the ELT3000 Battery Electrolyte Leak Detector, INFICON offers a unique, non-destructive leak testing solution for all Lithium-ion battery cells, including fragile pouch cells. It is the only system that detects electrolyte leakage directly, rather than through indirect parameters (like pressure changes). Based on mass spectrometer technology, it finds leaks down to the micrometer range, up 1,000 times smaller than the ones found with traditional pressure test methods.

·      D-TEK Stratus combines the superior leak detection of INFICON D-TEK leak detectors with the cloud hunting capability of a portable monitor all in one hand-held unit. Quickly locate the area containing the leak using the large, easy-to-read LCD display, and then pinpoint the leak all with one instrument!

·      Robotic Lead Detection is the next step in use at the manufacturing line. This video shows the working system in a refrigerator production line. Cycle time for each refrigerator is between 25 to 30 seconds with up to nine test points. See how precise guidance, speed and accuracy are achieved with robotic leak detection from INFICON with the new 3D vision system and the new patented sniffer tip. The new sniffer tip encloses the joints and guaranties that any refrigerant or tracer gas is caught, even for leaks on the backside of joints. The INFICON Ecotec  E3000 multi-gas leak detector is bringing new levels of productivity and reliability to the final leak testing of refrigerators, freezers, automotive air conditioners and similar products. 

The Future of Robotic Leak Detection for Refrigeration - YouTube

General Vacuum market

·      MSolo is a commercial off-the-shelf mass spectrometer modified to work in space. NASA will use MSolo to identify molecules on the surface of the Moon. Multiple MSolo instruments are destined for the Moon via the help of NASA’s commercial partners, landing scientific instruments and technology demonstrations on the lunar surface as part of the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative.

Security & Energy market

·      INFICON developed HAPSITE® ER person-portable Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) to help responders quickly identify and accurately quantify a broad range of chemicals in unknown samples to provide actionable data, in order to protect the health and safety of themselves and others. The new HAPSITE CDT is taking the HAPSITE family to the next level with improved analytical capabilities and ease of use.

INFICON is a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 software solutions that enhance productivity and quality of tools, processes and complete factories. These analysis, measurement and control products are essential for gas leak detection in air conditioning/refrigeration, and automotive manufacturing. They are vital to equipment manufacturers and end-users in the complex fabrication of semiconductors and thin film coatings for optics, flat panel displays, solar cells and industrial vacuum coating applications. Other users of vacuum based processes include the life sciences, research, aerospace, packaging, heat treatment, laser cutting and many other industrial processes. We also leverage our expertise in vacuum technology to provide unique, toxic chemical analysis products for emergency response, security, and environmental monitoring. INFICON is headquartered in Switzerland and has world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe, the United States and China, as well as subsidiaries in China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. INFICON registered shares (IFCN) are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange. For more information about INFICON and its products, please visit

This press release and oral statements or other written statements made, or to be made by us contain forward-looking statements that do not relate solely to historical or current facts. These forward-looking statements are based on the current plans and expectations of our management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect our current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. We undertake no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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