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Sniffing Leak Testing

How to use the correct flow

24 min


If you already do, or plan to do, leak testing with a gas sniffer, have you considered which sniffer flow, that is optimal for your application?

Using the wrong sniffer flow can lead to missed leaks, false leaks and all sorts of incorrect readings that will slow your production speed down.

INFICON is the only supplier to offer true High Flow sniffers, to those with No Flow, and in our webinar INFICON experts will guide you with both theoretical and practical flow-related tips that will improve your throughput, such as:

  • High flow – amazing ability to catch leaks, but is your gas supply setup well prepared?
  • Medium flow – accurate and resilient in many environments and operator types
  • Low flow – highly sensitive but also demanding
  • No flow – the really robust solution in high background environments and big leak applications
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