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Not finding all relevant leaks?

The essentials of tracer gas handling
50 min


INFICON produces some of the worlds most advanced and trusted leak detectors on the market today, but what exactly is a leak?

A leak is defined as the unwanted escape via a hole or crack in a pipe or container of either liquid or gas. This part is simple, but if we want to know if a leak rate is acceptable or not, we first need to measure it accurately, and this is where mistakes happen!

Accurate leak calculations require not only a detectable rate but a known pressure and a known gas. Getting either wrong can be expensive!

Incorrect handling of the test gas can result in; relevant leaks going undetected and leaky products end up on the market or false signals leading to production interruption and unnecessary re-work, both undesirable and potentially leading to unwelcome costs.

In this webinar, our specialist Steffen Mähler explains to you what is essential when dealing with test gas and highlights the following key points in detail:

  • Test gas distribution in the test object and possible air inclusions
  • Test gas concentration and dilution
  • Handling of coarse leaks
  • Prevention of test gas contamination

It also shows you solutions for safe and clean handling of test gas so that you can design your leak test efficiently and reliably.

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