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Lithium-ion battery leak testing with the ELT3000

Unique new method for reliable and safe batteries
47 min
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Lithium-ion batteries are installed in many devices used in modern life: from drive batteries in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles to mobile devices like smartphones and watches up to power tools or medical devices. T

he one things all lithium-ion batteries have in common is the need for reliability, safety and longevity. One means of assuring these is an appropriate way of testing Lithium-ion batteries for leakage. 

This webinar will show you: 

  • Failure modes for different types of battery cells 
  • How to derive a leak rate limit for the different battery cells 
  • When to test throughout the value chain 
  • The unique approach of direct electrolyte leak detection for finding leaks in lithium-ion battery cells 
  • How to implement this method in small and large scale production 
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