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Have your process under control with Augent OPG550

Intelligent solution for real-time vacuum gas monitoring

40 min


In this webinar we would like to present our optical plasma gauge, the AugentTM OPG550. This robust and compact sensor enables real-time monitoring of the gas composition in a vacuum system. 

Find out how the optical measurement principle works and learn more about possible applications in the field of leak detection, process gas monitoring and endpoint detection. The intelligent algorithms on the sensor allow easy use and integration in a tool. Based on our previous customer experience, we would like to introduce new sensor improvements.

Our experts Stefan Kaiser, Lisa Grad and Yury Kuzminykh will explain in the webinar how the optical plasma gauge works and they will focus on further details:

  • Measurement principle of optical sensors
  • Unique features and advantages
  • Applications overview

Have better control of your process and learn more about our new product line, its benefits and applications.

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