Software Downloads

Please select the appropriate software download for your INFICON product below

License Certificate Steps

To download and install the software you are looking for, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Have the License Certificate ID available.
  2. Fill out the software download form with the necessary information.
  3. Receive an email with instructions on how to download the software.
  4. Follow the download link to download the software installer and complete the installation process according to the instructions provided.

Download Software

Available for download:
• Irwin Remote Control V1.01.04
• Irwin App 4.01 (PN: 581-288)
• CMS5000 CMS IQ V1.07.005 (PN: 935-030-G1)
• Hapsite ER IQ V2.40.002 (PN: 930-0351-G1)
• Hapsite Smart Plus V2.33 (PN: 930-0351-G21)
• Micro GC Fusion V1.8.2 (PN: 8364-000)
• Micro GC Fusion Offline Analysis (PN: 8395-000)

MicroGC Fusion EZIQ Driver

Direct download available. PN: 8370-000

MicroGC Fusion Driver for OpenLAB EZChrom

Direct download available. PN: 8380-000

MyQueueGC Fusion

MyQueueGC Fusion is a small, easy to use software program that enables the operator to:

  • Customize the naming of runs within a sequence
  • Customize the naming of runs and control a sequence using a Valco valve stream selector accessory
  • Set up a series of sequences
  • Prioritize sequences
  • Enable passive naming of the run based on an external trigger, such as an AUX I/O trigger, or a front panel start
  • Export data automatically to an appending CSV file
  • Export data automatically as a JSON file

The software works in tandem with the Micro GC Fusion web-based user interface and can easily be installed on a Windows computer.