Bayard-Alpert/Pirani Gauge All in One - Measures 13 Decades With One Vacuum Connection

East Syracuse, NY ? 28 September 2005 ? The INFICON BPG402 vacuum gauge combines Bayard-Alpert and Pirani technologies for vacuum measurement over 13 decades from 10 -10 mbar to atmosphere. With its unique on-board calibration, the new gauge guarantees high accuracy, reproducibility and significant cost savings. In the past, it was common to replace the whole gauge when a sensor failed to assure the sensor and electronics were calibrated together. With the INFICON on-board calibration, only the sensor cell will need replacing, not the entire gauge. On-board calibration data in BPG402 electronics automatically programs the replacement sensor cell?s embedded electronics to fully calibrate the new sensor.
The BPG400 offers high uptime and guaranteed long filament life for non-aggressive processes, because of its dual long-life yttrium oxide coated iridum filament and the fast, automatic emission control via the integrated Pirani. Extremely efficient degassing for contamination control, and a stable closed electrode structure come in a rugged housing with easily removable electronics for higher bakeout temperatures.
The compact, robust BPG400 offers excellent repeatability of ?5% with ?15% accuracy for process pressures from 10 -8 to 10 -2 mbar.
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Bayard-Alpert/Pirani Gauge All in One - Measures 13 Decades With One Vacuum Connection