21 Tips How to Optimize your Battery Production

The market for lithium-ion batteries is booming, whether for mobile devices, power tools, medical devices or for the most demanding applications in electric and fuel cell vehicles. New (mega) battery manufacturing plants are being built all around the world and while there is a high emphasis on production speed and cost, there is also a large focus on high product quality for these new production lines. To produce high quality batteries that are safe as well as long lasting, strict quality control throughout the production process is mandatory.

Battery Production Process
Battery Production Process
Quality Control Steps during Battery Production Process

INFICON offers a wide product portfolio for a variety of production applications:

  • monitoring for residual moisture
  • vacuum pressure monitoring
  • helium leak testing before filling with electrolyte
  • leak testing for electrolyte leakage after filling and final closing
  • monitoring of outgassing processes
  • statistical process control throughout all production stages

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