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STM-2XM is a two channel rate/thickness monitor that combines high accuracy with flexible programming and easy operation at an affordable price.

STM-2XM is equipped with five operation modes to accommodate processes from simple to complex.  For example, use simple mode to monitor just one single sensor for the simplest process or use alloy mode for codeposition monitoring. Independent mode allows STM-2XM to function as two completely separate monitors.

Two sensor inputs allow for the use of two single or one dual quartz crystal sensor. 10 measurements are taken per second while achieving a resolution of 0.037 Å per measurement (density of 1).


Feature Packed

STM-2XM has eight programmable digital inputs, eight programmable digital outputs, and four analog outputs allowing for a level of integration usually reserved for more expensive instruments.

Programmable features include shutter delay, time/power monitoring, and rate sampling. Use all of these features to achieve the most accurate readings and the longest crystal life.

Operate and monitor STM-2XM either through the simple front panel interface or through the included LabVIEW® software. This simple software is fully functional and easy to use.


Easy to Use 

STM-2XM features a high contrast LCD display and intuitive menu system. On-screen hints can be found throughout the menus for simple, guided programming and operation. The easy-to-read LCD can display in accumulated mass or thickness.


  • Two measurement channels
  • Four analog outputs for rate, rate deviation, or thickness
  • Eight programmable digital inputs
  • Eight programmable digital outputs
  • High accuracy at 10 readings per second
  • Displays mass or thickness
  • Codeposition monitoring capabilities

Typical Applications

  • Single/dual sensor monitoring
  • Codeposition monitoring


Sensor inputs2
Measurement frequency range6.0 to 5.0 MHz (fixed)
Thickness and rate resolution/measurement±0.037 Å @ tooling/density = 100/1, fundamental frequency = 6 MHz
Stored films15
Digital inputs8
Digital outputs8


Part Numbers
Accessories and Replacement Parts
Part NumberDescription
STM-2XM-G1STM-2XM Monitor, US power cord
STM-2XM-G2STM-2XM Monitor, European power cord
Easy Rate Single SensorEasy Rate Single Sensor
Front Load Single SensorFront Load Single Sensor
Front Load Dual SensorFront Load Dual Sensor
Cool Drawer Single SensorCool Drawer Single Sensor
Cool Drawer Dual SensorCool Drawer Dual Sensor
Low Profile Single SensorLow Profile Single Sensor
Easy Rate Dual SensorEasy Rate Dual Sensor
Low Profile Dual SensorLow Profile Dual Sensor
UHV Bakeable SensorUHV Bakeable Sensor
ALD SensorALD Sensor
Sputtering SensorSputtering Sensor
Part NumberDescription
783-014-009Dual rack mount kit - Mounts two STM-2XM instruments in a 48.3 cm (19 in.) rack
Oscillator kits(Includes oscillator and cables)
783-500-109-103 m (10 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 3 m (10 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-257.6 m (25 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 7.6 m (25 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-5015.2 m (50 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 15.2 m (50 ft.) BNC cable
783-500-109-7522.8 m (75 ft.) Oscillator Kit - includes OSC-100 oscillator, 15.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, and 22.8 m (75 ft.) BNC cable
Oscillator Only(No cables included)
783-500-013-G1OSC-100 oscillator only (no cables)
782-902-01115.2 cm (6 in.) BNC cable, male/female
782-902-012-103 m (10 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-257.6 m (25 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-5015.2 m (50 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
782-902-012-7522.8 m (75 ft.) BNC cable, male/male
Quartz Monitor CrystalsQuartz Monitor Crystals