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Do you sometimes overlook leaks? With the patented I-Tip sniffer tips from INFICON, you can make sure this does not happen again. I-Tip finds every leak – lightning fast, precisely, and reliably. This is possible as the innovative sniffer tips completely surround the measuring point – often a solder joint on a pipe – and suck in all escaping refrigerant and tracer gas. I-Tip sniffer tips provide precise testing results even at hard-to-reach measuring points. This way, you find more leaks in the shortest possible time. I-Tip can be used with the following INFICON leak detectors Ecotec® E3000, Protec® P3000 and XL3000flex.

Automatic leak testing for your production line

I-Tip sniffer tips are particularly powerful when combined with 3D image recognition and the Ecotec® E3000 leak detector. This allows you to implement automatic leak testing directly in the production line, whether on refrigerators, heat pumps or heat exchangers.


  • Detection of even the smallest and most hidden leaks
  • Quality increase due to the detection of all leaks
  • Automatic measurements by robot possible, independent of any operator
  • Reduction of measurement times and helium consumption
  • Testing of any refrigerant lines from 2 to 14 mm in diameter
I-Tip Sniffer Tip Versions
I-Tip Sens
I-Tip SENS: For sensitive applications

I-Tip SENS is equipped with compressed brushes that surround the measuring point – and finds even the smallest leak.

I-Tip Rugged
I-Tip RUGGED: For robust applications

I-Tip RUGGED is equipped with a rubber lip that surrounds the measuring point – for dirty and rough applications.

Part Numbers
Part Numbers
531-040I-Tip SENS package
531-041I-Tip SENS small package
531-042I-Tip RUGGED package
531-043Adapter for I-Tip XL-line