We would really like to see your images of our product in your production area, used during an emergency response or military manuever, or used during a routine service call. You get a gift if we use it (and a moment of fame if you want it!), and we get photos of our products out in the real world for all to see.

Submit as many photos as you like - digital or 35mm.

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There are always some rules.

By sending your images to INFICON, you grant INFICON permission to use your photo for promotional purposes (print or web) with no obligation, financial or otherwise. You also acknowledge that the image was taken by you or someone who has approved your sending us the image, and that any identifiable persons in your images have given you permission to give the photograph to INFICON.

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*Files should be in JPEG or GIF format and should not exceed ten megabytes in size.

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If you consent to the use of your company name, we will be happy to credit the photo to you. If you prefer not to be identified, we will not attribute the photo to you nor to your organization.

If mailing photos, please print out this page after filling out the form and send your photos to:
Attn: Communications Dept.
Two Technology Place
East Syracuse, NY 13057-9714

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